2010 buckskin gelding AQHA 15 hands 1100 lbs

2010 buckskin gelding
15 hands
1100 lbs


Like quite a few of the geldings we have brought in over the years, Teddy was bred and raised by Duane Gilbert. He is actually closely related to our big, soggy gelding Easy that everyone loves, although by looking at him you'd never know it. Teddy is a bit smaller in comparison to most of our geldings, but he sure makes up for it in toughness. This guy has grit for days and all kinds of opinions on how to get work done right. 

Teddy has done every job there is on the ranch, has been team roped on a lot, and is just making his way into picking up bucking horses. He's the pin-your-ears-back and go at them type, and we really like that. Plus, he is a unique smutty buckskin color with beautiful amber eyes, so he sure isn't hard to look at. This cute, gritty gelding is defining his own space in our string as we speak, and we have no doubt it will be a memorable one.