THE BRITTONS - Randy, Kathryn & Tessa

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partnership in action...

Randy's role as a pickup man in so many ways is an individual effort. He is the one traveling countless hours across the country to rodeos, he is the one in the arena asking his horses to work and work well in that moment, and he is the one with the skill set needed to effectively and efficiently do his job keeping cowboys and stock safe, managing a hang up or roping a bull on the fight.

But, his role also requires a tremendous amount of teamwork between the two of us. At any given time we have at least 10-12 geldings that are in various stages of integration into his string. Some are finished and simply require tuning and exercise to keep them fresh, others are being newly introduced to the rodeo road and need a lot of foundational work, and some are just getting started in their riding carriers. Each of them are unique with their own mental and physical needs - all of which we manage as a team. 

It takes a lot of work, but it comes easy because we are doing what we love. I'm not sure we would know how to function without the rodeo road winding right through the center of our lives! 

Quick Facts about randy's job as a rodeo pickup man:

ANNUALLY Randy works an average of 125 rodeo performances
as a pickup man.

randy is actively working rodeos in ten different states EACH YEAR.

Randy hauls anywhere from 4-8 horses with him on the road at any given time.